Welcome to my blog. I am a photographer who specializes in fine art wedding and portrait photography.  Please take around, I can't wait to meet you!

Staus Wedding

On occasion I am  lucky enough to shoot with one of my favorite photographers Melissa Young Photography.  This was a dream wedding at a dream property in the Camelback area. bdp-second shooting-1 bdp-second shooting-2 bdp-second shooting-3 bdp-second shooting-4 bdp-second shooting-5 bdp-second shooting-6 bdp-second shooting-7 bdp-second shooting-8 bdp-second shooting-9 bdp-second shooting-10 bdp-second shooting-11 bdp-second shooting-12 bdp-second shooting-14 bdp-second shooting-13 bdp-second shooting-15 bdp-second shooting-17 bdp-second shooting-16 bdp-second shooting-18 bdp-second shooting-19 bdp-second shooting-20 bdp-second shooting-21 bdp-second shooting-22 bdp-second shooting-23 bdp-second shooting-24 bdp-second shooting-25 bdp-second shooting-26 bdp-second shooting-27 bdp-second shooting-28 bdp-second shooting-29 bdp-second shooting-30

The Korupczynski Family

Luke & Lacey