Get to know me

1. Favorite Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - Need I say more? Give them all to me. 

2. Favorite time of day: Before the sun comes long as I can wake up!

3. Other sweets: Cookie dough or dark chocolate, yeah I'm in! 

4. Drink:  AM: Coffee. black ---- PM: Gin & Tonic w/ a lime!

5. Movie: Christmas Vacation

6. TV Show: The Office

7. I love making people laugh, once they start my goal is to keep them going!

8. it doesn't matter how big dinner was...I always want dessert. 

9. I am the father to two boys with one little girl on the way!

10. Hobbies. Cycling, guitar, pretending I can build things out of wood.